Where to Donate and why ?

Do you want to donate some money so that they are fully utilised in best possible way ? There are many charitable institutions which accept donations. Many institutions accept donations for helping out poor or needy people, whereas some institutions accept donation to help out old people or women. Yes there are tons of institutions which accept donations. The very first question you need to ask before making out donations is where does you heart says to donate ? Even if you donate your whole money, institutions accepting donations will keep on asking for more and more. Yes your donations can make somebody more and more richer. Many times when people donate, they donate to get blessings or spiritual benefits. Yes donations are many times tax exempted as well and hence many large companies do donate to lots of charitable institutions. Remember Kaun Banega Coropati when movie stars played with Amitabh Bachhan ? Yes they even donated the money to some charitable institutions. Trust me on this, each and every day people are working hard to earn money and many people are making huge donations.

Which is the best way to donate  and to whom to donate is still the question ?  In case you have read news or browsed internet, you will come to know that people have donated with open heart to Babas, Mandirs, NGOs, Charitable Organisations, etc in the form of fees, donation, daswand (originally a sikh tradition), etc. According to internet news, donations amounts to crore of crore . Can you imagine crore or crore donations in one year ? Donations by Indians displays the capacity of Indian people to donate.

Do you still think that donating to Babas or spiritual gurus is the best utilization of your hard earned money ?. Ask yourself whether you want your donations to actually go in someone else business like Hotel, Real Estate, etc or you want to donate money for betterment of everybody including yourself ?

Have you considered donating to Medical Research ? You are going to age just like everybody and yes you / your relatives are going to face medical problems sooner or later. Lots of Indian Babas may be already much richer than you are and imagine what they will do with more money ? . Business is best done by Business Minded People and do you think that a spiritual person who is dedicating his life towards betterment of all will have interest in money ? There are already lots of business establishments already and no spiritual person will force your you to donate money to him / her.

Why not donate some good money to medical research so that scientists can create new medicines and cure your current / future health issues. Your donation towards medical research can be also considered as a wise investment and in case your money can help scientists to create new medicines which can cure humans, do tests and get you fixed up in no time, would’nt it be great ?

Could a few 500 crore could have been utilized towards creating new medicines ? Or the money to buy a new hotel or any other business is the best utilization of the money ? Donations towards medical research can not only help you, but help lots and lots of other indian people. Imagine how sophisticated medicines were available few years back. Have you been to a hospital ? What if your donations can help in curing various diseases and possibly help your friends, relatives, employees or other people. Donations towards medical research are the real best way to donate. Find out a medical research facility and donate to them today or even send in your daswand contributions and let your hard earned money actually serve humanity and probably a good long term investment as well.