When to Donate ?

Donations are accepted by lots of organisations for various charitable, research and other purposes. Yes lots of people donate everyday and even while author is writing this post or when you are reading this post, people are making lots of donations. People for foreign countries donate to indian charitable institutions. Indian people who live in foreign countries also donate lots and lots of money to indian charities. Many indian charities do have offices in foreign countries like USA, United Kingdom, etc to accept donations from indians.

In case you are looking to donate or pay daswand, you should make sure that you do have enough for yourself and you are not forcing yourself in donations. You do have responsibility to satisfy your needs and your dependent’s needs as well. You must also save some money in your bank account as savings. Donations can be taken as luxury and not a responsibility. Lots of people work all day long, make their best possible efforts and finally they get paid. Whether you / your spouse is doing a job or operating a business, do take donations as luxury and in case you do have sufficient money for yourself and you can easily afford to donate part of your earnings and you do have a good intention and you want your hard earned money to be utilised for good purpose, only then donate.

Watching a television program and making donations is sort of new concept which has evolved now a days. Donation is different than a business transaction. Yes when donating money, you may not expect something in return, but if you do know that your donation would be utilised in a good way, what’s the harm in it ? Donate to people or organisations which tell you what they are going to do with your donations so that you do have full satisfaction and spiritual relief. Do not donate blindly to anybody just to make them richer and richer. There are people which accept donations, get richer and they do not do anything for good or something better for community.

Do you donate to make someone richer or for some good purpose ? Do you want your donations to bring a smile on the face of a poor child / adult ?, or do you want to help doctors provide better medical facilities ? Where to donate is also a good post which talks more about donations and how you can get your contributions actually make a difference ?