Ways to Learn Meditation

There are numerous ways to learn meditation. The best option to learn meditation is from a spiritual guru or person who has experience. You can look for Licensed Meditation Practitioner or look for a Yoga center in your area. The charges / fees for learning meditation can be really minimal as compared to other exercises. In case you can find a government run organisation, you can learn from an experienced professional and for free as well. All you would need to do is eat healthy diet, quit up smoking / drinking (if you do) and be punctual for your meditation classes. Learning with a meditation group can be really rewarding as you can share your experience with other people and learn from their experiences. Ofcourse you can leave the meditation classes if you feel like it is not for you. In case you are still making your mind, do visit the other post titled before you start meditation. Do not skip meditation classes as continuity is mandatory and frequent skipping of classes will just waste your efforts instead of giving you the desired results.

There are home learning meditation kits available online. In case you are good with computers you can even get an ebook for learning the basics of meditation. Studying book will give you mind a basic idea and will enhance your interest in meditation. Often books have experiences from students and the preface of the book will tell you about the meditation book author as well. Get a physical book from a book store or spend some time online and order a book with meditation concepts. Websites like google books or amazon allows you to have a peek into the book before actually buying it. Read the book and makeup your mind about the new skill you are going to learn and join a meditation group or classes as outlined the first paragraph of this post.

There are audio tapes / cds / dvds available online which allow you to seep into low brain activity so that you can do meditation easily. Author does not advises of learning meditation alone with audio tapes etc. Yes these audio tapes for learning meditation might be effective, but better be safe than sorry and look for a meditation center / course. Meditation is not a completely safe exercise and yes there are risks involved when done alone or without appropriate guidance. Get one or more books on meditation and empower your brain with extra mental energy, but do it with guidance.