Trust is what all matters

In case you give it a thought about any of the indian baba’s, you will understand that there is only one thing that they give you. Yes they all give you trust and in return you give them physical & financial support. Yes pause for a moment and think about it. What does your Baba says ? He just says that his blessings are with you and you can be rest assured that all will work fine. In case you are expecting something magical and you want solutions to your problems without doing appropriate efforts, then trust me you are mistaken. There is no shortcut to anything and yes efforts and trust are required.

Hindus do idol worship and there are many other rituals they do. Pause again for a moment and think if worshiping idol / photograph of Lord Shiva or any other deity can bring good luck to you, why do you need another human to be worshiped? .  In case you have heard any Baba, there is only one thing that they say and which is you need to trust him and everything will be fine. Yes this is how all magical powers work, you trust them and do the appropriate efforts and when you get results, you do give some credit-ability to those magical powers and some to your efforts.

How your Baba is going to solve your problems with his blessings ? Does he goes home and worships for you ? Does your Baba knows that you are expecting miracles from him ? Has your Baba personally guaranteed / gave you in writing that your problems will be solved by his blessings ?

Vikrant Baba feels that whatever these Babas give is something all indians know already, but they just need it to be reminded. Trust in your efforts and worshiping God is more than sufficient. Have you lost trust in your efforts or you think that God is not giving you your blessings ? Just one object / human or anything you can trust is required and this is what you will get after giving your hard earned money to any Baba.