Spiritual Powers of Baba

What do you think about Spiritual Powers of your Baba ?  Let’s say your Baba has indeed got some spiritual powers actually. What might be those spiritual powers  ?  Has anybody else got those spiritual powers ? May be lots of other people do have spiritual powers but we do not know who else has got them? In case yes indeed your Baba has got spiritual powers, is he distributing them ? Is there any program by which someone can learn spiritual powers ?

Even in case your Baba has got no spiritual powers, he is distributing trust among devotees and yes trust is everything. Guessing of another person’s problems or issues without asking is indeed a difficult thing to do and is a science. Gone are the days when intuition or clairvoyance were unknown to people. Yes you can even guess problems or other related stuff by learning meditation and other things. The most important thing about learning meditation is that it does needs lots of time, efforts and open mind. In today’s world, we question everything and spirituality is one such thing where doubt or questions do not help. Age is another important factor when learning new things.

Go to a car driver teacher and ask whether it is easy to teach car driving to children or old age people ? What was the last new thing you learned ? Was it car driving or some foreign language or something else ? Learning new things require trust, open mind, time and efforts. Meditation, Intuition, Clairvoyance, etc are just new things which can be learnt by anybody provided, the basic criteria are met including time, efforts, money and interest in it.