Let your Mind help you

Meditation, Clairvoyance, Extra sensory Perception, Remote Viewing, Remote Healing and many other techniques are known in order to utilize the power of our brain. There are many things that our mind can do which may not be justifiable by our logical mind. The very first and easy example is our dreams. In case you do dream, you will understand that our mind can do miracles often to help us in difficult times. Sadhus are known to do meditation for long and there are lots of other magical stories depicting powers of human mind. Meditation is the first step towards other mind techniques which can help us in so many ways.

Our Mind is the most complex organ in our body. There is no need to learn meditation and other mind techniques if our other senses can sort out our issues or help us achieve our goals in life. Few people choose to learn the complexities of our brain. How many people known to you meditate and how many people known to you do not meditate ?. People do not enhance their brain power by choice. Why would you want to mess up with complex stuff ? There is no need to learn meditation or other mind techniques to dream. Only a healthy diet and sufficient time for sleep is sufficient to taste the power of your mind.

You can let your brain help you while you sleep in really easy way. Let’s say you want to wakeup in the morning early and you do setup an alarm clock at the configured time to go off and wake you up. This Mind technique is really simple to follow and can get you really fast results. Before sleeping, tell your pillow to wake you up in the morning before alarm goes off and trust your pillow that yes indeed it will wake you up. In case you trust your pillow and say it clearly that hey pillow wake me up in the morning just 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, the magic is that yes pillow will wake you up. When you actually wakeup in the morning, do have a look at the time in the clock to verify that yes indeed your pillow (effectively your mind) has worked as you trusted. In case you do not trust your pillow to wake you up, it will not wake you up before the alarm clock starts the alarm. Trust is everything and in case you can trust your mind, it can do miracles. This small¬†exercise¬† should be sufficient for you to establish that yes your mind can do miracles and can help you in almost every possible way. In case you do have any question / concern about this technique, do write to Vikrant Baba or just ask someone whom you can trust as trust is what all matters.