How a Baba can help humanity ?

Lots of Indian Babas are already helping out lots of indian people by giving them faith and trust. Yes there are lots of fraud allegations that various babas do cheat and make money. Still there are lots of ways in which Indian Babas can do more to help humanity or can even help fellow indians. In case a Baba has got supernatural powers by which he can guess the problem of anyone and provide a solution to that, imagine how much worth he is to science.

Vikrant Baba would have gladly invited scientists to help them understand human mind if he would have got supernatural powers. In case a Baba can acquire supernatural powers, why not anybody else can ? Yes there are ways in which you or anybody can acquire supernatural powers just like any other Baba is supposed to have, however it requires lots of practice and efforts and supernatural powers may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Helping Humanity for betterment of all with supernatural power disclosure can really be useful. A Baba with supernatural powers can not only help scientists but can also help financially by doing some charity or opening some organisation which helps people in scientific ways. Imagine how a really happy world would be like without any diseases, problems or any worries. Humans do have a violent history and day by day, we all are becoming more civilized, organised and less violent.

In case a a Baba or supporter is reading this post who has any way to communicate with his Baba, he / she can suggest new ideas to his / her Baba in which he can help humanity. By helping scientists a Baba can do a great help to every human in this world. Baba tutorial classes would be a good idea as well in which he can help other interested people explore the hidden powers of human mind.