How a person with Sixth Sense can help you ?

Sixth sense is a human brain power in which a person can know something without scientific  methods. In case you are wondering whether a person with sixth sense can be of help to you or not, read on to know more. Words such as hunch or intuition are commonly used in accordance with sixth sense. Hunch is something that happens to lots and lots of people which is something like knowing something very specific without other five senses of a human. In case a person is intuitive and does receives lots of hunches, he / she can know things apart from 5 human senses. Now can he / she be of help to you or can be of help to himself / herself only ?

In case a person has sixth sense awakened and can perceive things, can he / she change them or he / she can just know things ? This is not actually a very simple question and requires bit of more reading for you, yes it is explained in this post and hence your time spent on reading this post is going to be indeed worth. A person with sixth sense can know things related to himself / herself and people closely around him / her. Even with the powers of Sixth Sense, it is practically impossible to know everything without spending any efforts.

Lots of Indian Baba make  money and they are said to have the power of Sixth Sense. Now ask yourself, can a Baba predict share price of a company ? Can a Baba predict who will win the IPL or any other game ? There are many cities in India such as Maharashtra in which lottery is legal and anybody can buy a ticket and earn crores of rupees. In case now you related both things, i.e. Money and Sixth Sense, can you imaging the wonders it can do ? If a Baba can modify the share price of some company with his so called sixth sense, how much money he can earn and speaking on other perspective, he can be a real national threat.

Let’s say a  Baba modifies the price of a company’s share for his own profit with his so called sixth sense, yes he will benefit but what about other people who do not have sixth sense to modify the price of company’s share and have invested efforts and money in a company? Yes this is a really dangerous scenario and Vikrant Baba has no knowledge about anything like this happened in past future.

Let’s assume a Baba has good intentions and yes he has great sixth sense power, but he do not want to make money by modifying share price and wants only to help people, but what if anybody else gets sixth sense powers like an Indian Baba, will he / she not think of modifying a company’s share price ? Or all this sixth sense is just for a matter is discussion and nothing can be actually done with sixth sense ?

According to Vikrant Baba yes there are powers of Sixth Sense and yes they can be harnessed by any human. However there are limitations when applying the powers of Sixth Sense to others. This does not mean that with Sixth Sense a person cannot help anybody, however helping others with Sixth Sense requires some meditation efforts. By just saying some good words, there is nothing a human with sixth sense powers can actually help anybody. In order to actually help others with Sixth Sense, the person has to do meditation efforts.

There is another way in which a human can get benefit from another person with or without sixth sense. In case you are expecting help from a person with sixth sense, the other person will have to do meditation efforts for you. In case the other person does not do any type of meditation efforts for you, the chances of you getting benefit are as good as 0.1%. In case the person with sixth sense does not put in efforts for you, you can still reap out benefits by keeping trust in him / her. Trust is what all matters when expecting spiritual help.

In summary, a person with sixth sense can help you spiritually, provided he / she spends meditation efforts for you. In order to spend those meditation efforts, the guru / spiritual baba must be given detail information about the problem you are facing. Meditation is most effective when a person is actually spending efforts in doing meditation techniques. In case your spiritual guru actually spends time for you, then yes there are miracles that can happen depending on the efforts spent by your spiritual guru and information you provide. In case your spiritual guru does not spends any meditation efforts for your cause, or you have not provided enough information, there is very little that can happen. Alternatively, you can let your mind help you by trusting in your spiritual guru or anything else. Hindus get benefit by doing idol worship (apart from other rituals) and keeping trust in their god.