Donate to Baba or Alternative Options ?

In case you are also looking to donate some money and wondering whether to donate to a Baba or donate to someone or some organisation which can work for betterment of all, then read on and select the best option. There is no harm in making donations to your Baba and donations are totally voluntarily. Whether you donate to your Baba or not, his blessings will be always with you. You can even send in your daswand contributions to organisations who can actually utilize your donation and help out you and other humans.

Donate to Medical Research, get total satisfaction and help out people who are sick and there are no medicines for them or they are too costly to afford. Another article titled where to donate talks about this in more details and gives you reason to donate, gives you blessings from other people, give you total mental satisfaction. There are lots of company donations (to get tax exemptions) towards organisations which help poor people, old people, women, towards literacy and lots of organisation help people to donate. Google offers free advertisements to NGOs so that they can get donations from people.

Medical Research is the field which has been ignored in India. Indians do have a great capacity to donate and when pointed towards right direction can do miracles. Do you want your donation to finally be used towards buying a posh flat, a hotel or you want your money to sit silently in a bank account ? I am sure you would not want your money to be actually be just used for economical purposes. Yes in case you do plan to donate to your Baba, please do go ahead and donate and get his blessings.

In case you do have some surplus money and are willing to donate for good purpose, do visit a hospital and see for yourself how many people are sick, die everyday due to lack of medical facilities / medicines. Your donations can help all humans physically and medical research centers can expand, employ more scientists, create new medicines in a faster way.