Develop Magical Powers like Baba

Spiritual growth has it’s own merits and demerits and is often words like magic are used to denote those powers. Intuition, Extra Sensory Perception, Clairvoyance, Pranic Healing, Remote Healing and lots of other such mental exercises have been used by humans. Yes developing intuition and other mind powers are not as hard as they may sound. Intuitive person can know things before they happen. Developing intuitive capabilities requires meditation and good diet. Yes you can also know things before they happen just like in movies. In case intuition sounds like something you would be interested in, fire up your search engine and search for intuition and ways to learn intuition. You will find lots of free tutorials and even audio which explain how anybody can develop intuition and know things before they happen.

Babas gain trust of people and trust is everything. Babas are just human and few develop intuition and Clairvoyance capabilities. Now with appropriate information you too can develop powers like any other Baba, however developing intuitive capabilities will not make you in comparison to Baba. By becoming Clairvoyant, you will be able to know facts just like any other Baba knows, by developing intuition capabilities, you will be able to know things before they happen. In case these magical powers seems like something that can do good for you, you can easily find related information on internet.

All you need to decide is whether you do want to have magical powers or not ? In case you do want to know things before they happen, then developing intuition is the way forward. In case you want to perceive things like your Baba can, then you need to search for Clairvoyance on internet. It might be difficult to find an actual physical person who might be interested in teaching you Clairvoyance or Intuition and it may be time consuming as well. Before starting up to search for words like Intuition or Clairvoyance, leave your computer right now and consult an appropriate person. Ask your parents whether developing magical powers can be good or bad.

In case you are wondering why not people just develop Intuition and earn money using share trading or something similar, then Vikrant Baba has answer to your question as well. Developing Intuition, Extra Sensory Perception, Clairvoyance, etc (the so called Magical Powers)  requires lots of efforts and time. It is really difficult to find a trust-able teacher and the most important thing is that very few people are actually interested in these magical powers of mind.  Another downside of developing Intuition is that your mind will tell you lots of stuff out of which many things you might not be interested in. All these magical powers can be developed using Meditation and must be done in supervision.

Now with the magical power of internet, you can even ask question  (try yahoo answers) from other people across the globe and get answers for free, so in case all these magical powers sounds like fun, let your mind bring up questions and post them to some website on which other people can answer your questions. Remember that Meditation is not a 100% safe exercise and of-course like any other exercise can do harm to you. Meditation must be done in a group in the guidance of a teacher. There may be lots of low cost meditation schools / centres in your area. Before making up your mind and taking any decision, do consult with someone on whom you can count. This post is providing information about magical powers of human mind and is stressing that yes there are lots of magical powers of human brain, anyone can learn them with appropriate direction, but whether to activate the magical powers of your brain or not is not an easy decision and must be taken with the approval of people you know and can trust.