You can contact Vikrant Baba by writing an email to . Currently only email communication is supported. You must only utilize information provided on this website with full responsibility and with appropriate consultation. You must understand that information is a really powerful tool and your personal understanding of the information plays an important role.

Have a look at given below examples and understand that understanding of information is important and you have to take responsibility of it. 2+2 might evaluate to 4 to you, but to a child or an uneducated person, the meaning of 2+2 might not be 4. If someone says to eat sugar, diabetic & non diabetic persons must eat different amount of sugar according to their understanding.

You do need to understand that irrespective of whether Vikrant Baba or anyone else suggests anything to you, you are responsible for you actions. The purpose of Vikrant Baba website is to provide information as correct as possible. Remember when in doubt, stop and ask somebody who you can trust for help.