Clairvoyance is human’s ability to perceive or know facts without known sense like smell, touch, etc. Clairvoyant is a human with power of Clairvoyance. Extra Sensory Perception is also a related term to Clairvoyance. There are no scientific proofs of Clairvoyance, but many people have been found to be Clairvoyant. In Hindus the terms known as siddhi has been linked to clairvoyance and lots of religious people have claimed to be Clairvoyant and they perceive things mentally and to people who are unaware of this term, a Clairvoyant person seems to be like a magic.

Yes you can be Clairvoyant as well and perceive things or facts just like anybody else known to you can. Yes it requires lots of efforts in right direction and there are lots of tools to help you. This post talks briefly about Clairvoyance and possible uses of it. In case you do want to know something that is otherwise unknown to you, the Clairvoyance can be of help, but remember as it is a skill, there are lots of efforts and dedication required to be taken. In case you do want to be Clairvoyant, the best possible way would be to find a teacher or guru who is willing you to teach this art. In case you cannot find a guru or a Clairvoyant teacher and have lots of time to spend and an internet connection, your favourite search engine, books, articles, help from people who have been or are Clairvoyant can be of help.

Let’s say you do find a Clairvoyant person and he agrees to teach you the art, you do learn it and become Clairvoyant, what would you do ? As per the definition of being a Clairvoyant person, you would be able to know things without normal human senses, but i guess that’s it. As a Clairvoyant you would be able to know and tell something that others might not be able to tell, but what’s next ? What would you want to know ? Would you try to do something better for yourself or you would do better for the whole world ? What would you do if you do learn the art of Clairvoyance and gain Extra Sensory Perception ?