Can an Indian Baba be a National Threat ?

Would you be worried if your neighbors do have guns / bombs and other weapons ? Is India worried due to the fact that Pakistan has Nuclear Bomb ? Does United States worries when countries gather Nuclear Weapons ? Do we have any laws governing the sixth sense / supernatural powers of humans ? . You might be wondering how does all this relate to any Indian Baba ? Just read on to know whether a Baba can be actually National or Global threat and whether you should be supporting him, doing other preventive measures or just stay at a distance from so called gifted person.

Lots of Indian Babas are supposed to have Sixth Sense with which they can modify fate of people. Let’s say a person does not have a job, goes to some Baba by paying in the required money, gets the opportunity to tell the problem and baba senses the problem source somehow with his / her sixth sense / supernatural powers, suggests some remedies which the person performs, finally the person gets the desired job as soon as possible.

Let’s review the above simple example about a person not getting job and with the super natural powers of some other person, applicant gets the job. Here someone somehow modified fate of his / her devotee. This person who went to Baba got the job and the person who was initially supposed to get the job could not get this job. Here Baba modified the course of action of nature which can have minimal or really big effects. Although the Baba helped a person get job, simultaneously he deprived some other unknown person of the job opportunity.

As per above example, the Baba utilized his / her sixth sense or any other supernatural power to initiate changes. Change for some person might be good and the same change might not be good for other people.

In case a baba is indeed capable of helping his devotees by his / her spiritual powers, it can be a real concern. Out of many applicants applying for a single job, the spiritual powers of a baba would help his devotee to secure the job and other aspirants would not get the job as they did get his blessings. What will happen if two devotees of the same Baba apply for the same single job ?

We create doors / walls to protect our houses. We construct windows in houses so that they can prevent dust from coming into the house. We create windows because we know that a window can protect dust from coming into the house. We create walls to protect our house as we know that walls cannot be penetrated easily. Air can do good and air can do bad, but we do have ways to control the air.  Now what about Sixth Sense or Supernatural Powers ? Do we have a way to control those unknown powers ? Nops we do not even know whether a person has got sixth sense / supernatural powers or not. There are no laws governing Sixth Sense or other supernatural powers.

Uncontrolled / Unknown power can be the best term to denote the powers of Sixth Sense. Yes uncontrolled and unknown power is definitely a threat. Only a person knows what exactly he / she is capable of doing with supernatural powers. Can a baba do harm to Vikrant Baba or any other human / organisation in the world ? If a Baba is capable of doing something good, is he capable of doing something bad as well ?

With the faith that a Baba has got Sixth Sense which currently might be utilizing for the benefits of other people, Can a Baba change his mind and use his sixth sense powers for something destructive ? Can a Baba with his sixth sense modify lottery search results in order to win his own lottery ? Can a Baba change the share price of any National Stock Exchange Listed company for his own benefit ? Would you feel safe to submit yourself to unknown powers of a Baba ? Do Baba have actually any supernatural powers or it is just an assumption ? Should Indian  Babas declare their powers as often they declares income to indian government so that humans with no supernatural powers can feel safe and not worry about supernatural powers of other humans. We can protect ourself, provided we do know, from what we have to protect ourself. In case people with Spiritual Powers decide to use it in a manner which affect us, yes we will have to worry.