Before starting to learn Meditation

Meditation is said to calm down mind and enhance mental and spiritual growth. In case you are thinking to learn the art of meditation, this post might be helpful to you to carefully understand and plan your efforts. The very first thing to do before starting to learn meditation is to consult with someone whom you trust. Talk about whether to learn Meditation or to look for alternatives. Do not start learning meditation with doubts in mind. Meditation is all mind game and hence with doubts, it should not be learnt. In case you cannot find someone who knows about meditation, discuss with friends who can understand you or even take the help of unknown people using forums / questions, answer websites, etc. In any case do not learn meditation or any other related stuff without proper guidance and discussion.

Lots of Indian Baba’s are said to have spiritual Powers which might be a factor in taking interest in learning meditation and other mind controlling techniques. You will find lots of ebooks, books, dvd and videos telling you how you can learn to meditate, travel out of body, develop clairvoyance powers like Indian Babas are said to have, ESP and much more. In case all these mind controlling techniques seems luring to you, pause and consult. All these mind controlling techniques requires dedication, time and efforts. Yes it is possible to develop guessing power like any Baba but healing thousands of people by saying few words does not rings a bell.

Does your Baba actually physically / mentally do anything for devotees to get them out of their problems ? Does he prays for the people at home ? can a costly personal appointment with your Baba can get you more blessings ? Or it just your trust / hard work that can get you out of your problems ? Do you expect that after paying in few rupees you would get your problems (big or small) sorted out ? As per Vikrant Baba, it is only trust that matters and your own efforts can only get you out of your problems. Meditation is a time consuming task and can get you results only if you can put in real efforts and requires lots and lots of efforts. Right way and wrong ways to meditate can be only differentiated by an experienced person and yes meditation is not a completely safe exercise.