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Trust is what all matters

In case you give it a thought about any of the indian baba’s, you will understand that there is only one thing that they give you. Yes they all give you trust and in return you give them physical & financial support. Yes pause for a moment and think about it. What does your Baba says ? He just says that his blessings are with you and you can be rest assured that all will work fine. In case you are expecting something magical and you want solutions to your problems without doing appropriate efforts, then trust me you are mistaken. There is no shortcut to anything and yes efforts and trust are required.

Hindus do idol worship and there are many other rituals they do. Pause again for a moment and think if worshiping idol / photograph of Lord Shiva or any other deity can bring good luck to you, why do you need another human to be worshiped? .  In case you have heard any Baba, there is only one thing that they say and which is you need to trust him and everything will be fine. Yes this is how all magical powers work, you trust them and do the appropriate efforts and when you get results, you do give some credit-ability to those magical powers and some to your efforts.

How your Baba is going to solve your problems with his blessings ? Does he goes home and worships for you ? Does your Baba knows that you are expecting miracles from him ? Has your Baba personally guaranteed / gave you in writing that your problems will be solved by his blessings ?

Vikrant Baba feels that whatever these Babas give is something all indians know already, but they just need it to be reminded. Trust in your efforts and worshiping God is more than sufficient. Have you lost trust in your efforts or you think that God is not giving you your blessings ? Just one object / human or anything you can trust is required and this is what you will get after giving your hard earned money to any Baba.

Donate to Baba or Alternative Options ?

In case you are also looking to donate some money and wondering whether to donate to a Baba or donate to someone or some organisation which can work for betterment of all, then read on and select the best option. There is no harm in making donations to your Baba and donations are totally voluntarily. Whether you donate to your Baba or not, his blessings will be always with you. You can even send in your daswand contributions to organisations who can actually utilize your donation and help out you and other humans.

Donate to Medical Research, get total satisfaction and help out people who are sick and there are no medicines for them or they are too costly to afford. Another article titled where to donate talks about this in more details and gives you reason to donate, gives you blessings from other people, give you total mental satisfaction. There are lots of company donations (to get tax exemptions) towards organisations which help poor people, old people, women, towards literacy and lots of organisation help people to donate. Google offers free advertisements to NGOs so that they can get donations from people.

Medical Research is the field which has been ignored in India. Indians do have a great capacity to donate and when pointed towards right direction can do miracles. Do you want your donation to finally be used towards buying a posh flat, a hotel or you want your money to sit silently in a bank account ? I am sure you would not want your money to be actually be just used for economical purposes. Yes in case you do plan to donate to your Baba, please do go ahead and donate and get his blessings.

In case you do have some surplus money and are willing to donate for good purpose, do visit a hospital and see for yourself how many people are sick, die everyday due to lack of medical facilities / medicines. Your donations can help all humans physically and medical research centers can expand, employ more scientists, create new medicines in a faster way.

Where to Donate and why ?

Do you want to donate some money so that they are fully utilised in best possible way ? There are many charitable institutions which accept donations. Many institutions accept donations for helping out poor or needy people, whereas some institutions accept donation to help out old people or women. Yes there are tons of institutions which accept donations. The very first question you need to ask before making out donations is where does you heart says to donate ? Even if you donate your whole money, institutions accepting donations will keep on asking for more and more. Yes your donations can make somebody more and more richer. Many times when people donate, they donate to get blessings or spiritual benefits. Yes donations are many times tax exempted as well and hence many large companies do donate to lots of charitable institutions. Remember Kaun Banega Coropati when movie stars played with Amitabh Bachhan ? Yes they even donated the money to some charitable institutions. Trust me on this, each and every day people are working hard to earn money and many people are making huge donations.

Which is the best way to donate  and to whom to donate is still the question ?  In case you have read news or browsed internet, you will come to know that people have donated with open heart to Babas, Mandirs, NGOs, Charitable Organisations, etc in the form of fees, donation, daswand (originally a sikh tradition), etc. According to internet news, donations amounts to crore of crore . Can you imagine crore or crore donations in one year ? Donations by Indians displays the capacity of Indian people to donate.

Do you still think that donating to Babas or spiritual gurus is the best utilization of your hard earned money ?. Ask yourself whether you want your donations to actually go in someone else business like Hotel, Real Estate, etc or you want to donate money for betterment of everybody including yourself ?

Have you considered donating to Medical Research ? You are going to age just like everybody and yes you / your relatives are going to face medical problems sooner or later. Lots of Indian Babas may be already much richer than you are and imagine what they will do with more money ? . Business is best done by Business Minded People and do you think that a spiritual person who is dedicating his life towards betterment of all will have interest in money ? There are already lots of business establishments already and no spiritual person will force your you to donate money to him / her.

Why not donate some good money to medical research so that scientists can create new medicines and cure your current / future health issues. Your donation towards medical research can be also considered as a wise investment and in case your money can help scientists to create new medicines which can cure humans, do tests and get you fixed up in no time, would’nt it be great ?

Could a few 500 crore could have been utilized towards creating new medicines ? Or the money to buy a new hotel or any other business is the best utilization of the money ? Donations towards medical research can not only help you, but help lots and lots of other indian people. Imagine how sophisticated medicines were available few years back. Have you been to a hospital ? What if your donations can help in curing various diseases and possibly help your friends, relatives, employees or other people. Donations towards medical research are the real best way to donate. Find out a medical research facility and donate to them today or even send in your daswand contributions and let your hard earned money actually serve humanity and probably a good long term investment as well.

Develop Magical Powers like Baba

Spiritual growth has it’s own merits and demerits and is often words like magic are used to denote those powers. Intuition, Extra Sensory Perception, Clairvoyance, Pranic Healing, Remote Healing and lots of other such mental exercises have been used by humans. Yes developing intuition and other mind powers are not as hard as they may sound. Intuitive person can know things before they happen. Developing intuitive capabilities requires meditation and good diet. Yes you can also know things before they happen just like in movies. In case intuition sounds like something you would be interested in, fire up your search engine and search for intuition and ways to learn intuition. You will find lots of free tutorials and even audio which explain how anybody can develop intuition and know things before they happen.

Babas gain trust of people and trust is everything. Babas are just human and few develop intuition and Clairvoyance capabilities. Now with appropriate information you too can develop powers like any other Baba, however developing intuitive capabilities will not make you in comparison to Baba. By becoming Clairvoyant, you will be able to know facts just like any other Baba knows, by developing intuition capabilities, you will be able to know things before they happen. In case these magical powers seems like something that can do good for you, you can easily find related information on internet.

All you need to decide is whether you do want to have magical powers or not ? In case you do want to know things before they happen, then developing intuition is the way forward. In case you want to perceive things like your Baba can, then you need to search for Clairvoyance on internet. It might be difficult to find an actual physical person who might be interested in teaching you Clairvoyance or Intuition and it may be time consuming as well. Before starting up to search for words like Intuition or Clairvoyance, leave your computer right now and consult an appropriate person. Ask your parents whether developing magical powers can be good or bad.

In case you are wondering why not people just develop Intuition and earn money using share trading or something similar, then Vikrant Baba has answer to your question as well. Developing Intuition, Extra Sensory Perception, Clairvoyance, etc (the so called Magical Powers)  requires lots of efforts and time. It is really difficult to find a trust-able teacher and the most important thing is that very few people are actually interested in these magical powers of mind.  Another downside of developing Intuition is that your mind will tell you lots of stuff out of which many things you might not be interested in. All these magical powers can be developed using Meditation and must be done in supervision.

Now with the magical power of internet, you can even ask question  (try yahoo answers) from other people across the globe and get answers for free, so in case all these magical powers sounds like fun, let your mind bring up questions and post them to some website on which other people can answer your questions. Remember that Meditation is not a 100% safe exercise and of-course like any other exercise can do harm to you. Meditation must be done in a group in the guidance of a teacher. There may be lots of low cost meditation schools / centres in your area. Before making up your mind and taking any decision, do consult with someone on whom you can count. This post is providing information about magical powers of human mind and is stressing that yes there are lots of magical powers of human brain, anyone can learn them with appropriate direction, but whether to activate the magical powers of your brain or not is not an easy decision and must be taken with the approval of people you know and can trust.


Clairvoyance is human’s ability to perceive or know facts without known sense like smell, touch, etc. Clairvoyant is a human with power of Clairvoyance. Extra Sensory Perception is also a related term to Clairvoyance. There are no scientific proofs of Clairvoyance, but many people have been found to be Clairvoyant. In Hindus the terms known as siddhi has been linked to clairvoyance and lots of religious people have claimed to be Clairvoyant and they perceive things mentally and to people who are unaware of this term, a Clairvoyant person seems to be like a magic.

Yes you can be Clairvoyant as well and perceive things or facts just like anybody else known to you can. Yes it requires lots of efforts in right direction and there are lots of tools to help you. This post talks briefly about Clairvoyance and possible uses of it. In case you do want to know something that is otherwise unknown to you, the Clairvoyance can be of help, but remember as it is a skill, there are lots of efforts and dedication required to be taken. In case you do want to be Clairvoyant, the best possible way would be to find a teacher or guru who is willing you to teach this art. In case you cannot find a guru or a Clairvoyant teacher and have lots of time to spend and an internet connection, your favourite search engine, books, articles, help from people who have been or are Clairvoyant can be of help.

Let’s say you do find a Clairvoyant person and he agrees to teach you the art, you do learn it and become Clairvoyant, what would you do ? As per the definition of being a Clairvoyant person, you would be able to know things without normal human senses, but i guess that’s it. As a Clairvoyant you would be able to know and tell something that others might not be able to tell, but what’s next ? What would you want to know ? Would you try to do something better for yourself or you would do better for the whole world ? What would you do if you do learn the art of Clairvoyance and gain Extra Sensory Perception ?

Can an Indian Baba be a National Threat ?

Would you be worried if your neighbors do have guns / bombs and other weapons ? Is India worried due to the fact that Pakistan has Nuclear Bomb ? Does United States worries when countries gather Nuclear Weapons ? Do we have any laws governing the sixth sense / supernatural powers of humans ? . You might be wondering how does all this relate to any Indian Baba ? Just read on to know whether a Baba can be actually National or Global threat and whether you should be supporting him, doing other preventive measures or just stay at a distance from so called gifted person.

Lots of Indian Babas are supposed to have Sixth Sense with which they can modify fate of people. Let’s say a person does not have a job, goes to some Baba by paying in the required money, gets the opportunity to tell the problem and baba senses the problem source somehow with his / her sixth sense / supernatural powers, suggests some remedies which the person performs, finally the person gets the desired job as soon as possible.

Let’s review the above simple example about a person not getting job and with the super natural powers of some other person, applicant gets the job. Here someone somehow modified fate of his / her devotee. This person who went to Baba got the job and the person who was initially supposed to get the job could not get this job. Here Baba modified the course of action of nature which can have minimal or really big effects. Although the Baba helped a person get job, simultaneously he deprived some other unknown person of the job opportunity.

As per above example, the Baba utilized his / her sixth sense or any other supernatural power to initiate changes. Change for some person might be good and the same change might not be good for other people.

In case a baba is indeed capable of helping his devotees by his / her spiritual powers, it can be a real concern. Out of many applicants applying for a single job, the spiritual powers of a baba would help his devotee to secure the job and other aspirants would not get the job as they did get his blessings. What will happen if two devotees of the same Baba apply for the same single job ?

We create doors / walls to protect our houses. We construct windows in houses so that they can prevent dust from coming into the house. We create windows because we know that a window can protect dust from coming into the house. We create walls to protect our house as we know that walls cannot be penetrated easily. Air can do good and air can do bad, but we do have ways to control the air.  Now what about Sixth Sense or Supernatural Powers ? Do we have a way to control those unknown powers ? Nops we do not even know whether a person has got sixth sense / supernatural powers or not. There are no laws governing Sixth Sense or other supernatural powers.

Uncontrolled / Unknown power can be the best term to denote the powers of Sixth Sense. Yes uncontrolled and unknown power is definitely a threat. Only a person knows what exactly he / she is capable of doing with supernatural powers. Can a baba do harm to Vikrant Baba or any other human / organisation in the world ? If a Baba is capable of doing something good, is he capable of doing something bad as well ?

With the faith that a Baba has got Sixth Sense which currently might be utilizing for the benefits of other people, Can a Baba change his mind and use his sixth sense powers for something destructive ? Can a Baba with his sixth sense modify lottery search results in order to win his own lottery ? Can a Baba change the share price of any National Stock Exchange Listed company for his own benefit ? Would you feel safe to submit yourself to unknown powers of a Baba ? Do Baba have actually any supernatural powers or it is just an assumption ? Should Indian  Babas declare their powers as often they declares income to indian government so that humans with no supernatural powers can feel safe and not worry about supernatural powers of other humans. We can protect ourself, provided we do know, from what we have to protect ourself. In case people with Spiritual Powers decide to use it in a manner which affect us, yes we will have to worry.