How a person with Sixth Sense can help you ?

Sixth sense is a human brain power in which a person can know something without scientific  methods. In case you are wondering whether a person with sixth sense can be of help to you or not, read on to know more. Words such as hunch or intuition are commonly used in accordance with sixth sense. Hunch is something […]

When to Donate ?

Donations are accepted by lots of organisations for various charitable, research and other purposes. Yes lots of people donate everyday and even while author is writing this post or when you are reading this post, people are making lots of donations. People for foreign countries donate to indian charitable institutions. Indian people who live in foreign countries […]

How you can help Vikrant Baba ?

In case you do like what Vikrant Baba says and you do feel that the information provided here stands correct and useful, you can help Vikrant Baba. There are many in which you can help Vikrant Baba. In order to help Vikrant Baba, share the website link with other people who might find it relevant or useful. […]

How a Baba can help you get a job ?

Various Indian Babas / Spiritual People are known to help lots of people across the world for solving their personal and professional issues. In case you are wondering whether and how a Baba can help you get a job, read on this post to know what Vikrant Baba thinks. Yes Vikrant Baba is not affiliated […]

How a Baba can help humanity ?

Lots of Indian Babas are already helping out lots of indian people by giving them faith and trust. Yes there are lots of fraud allegations that various babas do cheat and make money. Still there are lots of ways in which Indian Babas can do more to help humanity or can even help fellow indians. […]

Let your Mind help you

Meditation, Clairvoyance, Extra sensory Perception, Remote Viewing, Remote Healing and many other techniques are known in order to utilize the power of our brain. There are many things that our mind can do which may not be justifiable by our logical mind. The very first and easy example is our dreams. In case you do […]

Ways to Learn Meditation

There are numerous ways to learn meditation. The best option to learn meditation is from a spiritual guru or person who has experience. You can look for Licensed Meditation Practitioner or look for a Yoga center in your area. The charges / fees for learning meditation can be really minimal as compared to other exercises. In […]

Before starting to learn Meditation

Meditation is said to calm down mind and enhance mental and spiritual growth. In case you are thinking to learn the art of meditation, this post might be helpful to you to carefully understand and plan your efforts. The very first thing to do before starting to learn meditation is to consult with someone whom you trust. […]

Spiritual Powers of Baba

What do you think about Spiritual Powers of your Baba ?  Let’s say your Baba has indeed got some spiritual powers actually. What might be those spiritual powers  ?  Has anybody else got those spiritual powers ? May be lots of other people do have spiritual powers but we do not know who else has […]

Baba Alternative

In case you do are in a problem and need help from a baba or any other spiritual person, now you do not need to wait. Tell your woes to a person whom you trust. He / She can be anybody whom you totally trust and you can count on. Benefit of telling your problems […]